Rename Pizza Hut’s Cheeseburger-Stuffed Crust: A Name Game


The fast food industry always has some crazy promotion going on, some way of grabbing eyeballs, luring taste buds, and hopefully wallets into their doors. Yes, you might call these gimmicks, cheap tricks at turning profits, but behold the success of the Doritos-laced Locos Tacos at Taco Bell. Sometimes even the most loyal of customers need something shiny to grab their attention.

Pizza Hut UK just launched its latest “crust innovation,” a stuffed-crust pizza embedded with mozzarella-topped cheeseburgers. Oh, and there’s a ketchup dip along for the ride because you’ll need some sauce to wash it all down. If it does swell in the UK (often a test market), this gutbuster might be coming to US shores. What could be more stereotypically “American” than a monster merger of burger and pizza? Still, we’re a little afraid of what this will do to our grease of mind. What would you name this concoction?

Here’s what some of our visitors came up with:

  • Say Cheeseburger!
  • Self-Discrust
  • Pizza My Heart Attack
  • The Now and Later
  • Mostarella
  • Trouble-Stuffed Crust Pizza
  • Just Chew It

Let’s see what you can cook up. Visit to vote for your faves or create some of your own.


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