We create brands
that shape culture

Our work, our purpose, is to make a real and positive mark on the world around us. Whether in the supermarket, at CES, or opening the New York Stock Exchange, our brands connect us to enduring human stories to become part of our very culture.



A thoughtful, purposeful strategy is the foundation of every great brand. We’ll help you imagine and crystallize a winning strategy, ensuring that every interaction with your brand reflects who you are, how you’re unique, and why the world needs to pay attention.

Our names are woven into the very fabric of culture, from the snacks we eat to the cars we drive. We'll help you create a new category, reenergize your company, or plant your flag with a name you’re proud to shout to the world.


There’s nothing more exciting than seeing brand names come to life through design. We’ll help you with everything from logos and wordmarks to identity systems, templates, and style guides, ensuring your new brand consistently stands out across all touchpoints.


We’ve helped build hundreds of brands that have helped build our world.


When you love what you do, it shows in the work. And people notice.

Clutch | 2017–2023

#1 Naming Agency Worldwide


Clutch | 2019–2022

#1 Branding Agency Worldwide


Transform Awards | 2018–2022

Excellence in Naming Strategy


MUSE Creative Awards | 2020-2023

Excellence in Corporate Identity


"Catchword impressed across the board, from their strategic counsel, to their outstanding, creative names. They combine unparalleled branding and naming expertise with high-level creative thinking and super smooth project management."
Associate Director of Product Marketing
Thermo Fisher Scientific
"We had a fantastic experience working with Catchword. Working with them is a seamless and efficient experience. Expect a skilled and responsive team.”
VP of Marketing
SportsEngine, NBC Sports Group
“Their team is very experienced and smart, highly organized, and excellent at guiding a group through the surprisingly challenging exercise of name development.”
Global Product Manager
“Catchword functions as an extension of our team. I have such peace of mind in working with them. I wish I could have somebody at Catchword on call at all times!”
Brand Director
“Catchword is a great partner because they work quickly, can clarify an abstract type of work, and are cost-effective. In fact, they’re better at keeping tabs on our spending than we are.”
Senior Director Global Product Marketing


MAKING a mark

Catalyx optimizes complex workflows to enhance safety, performance, and efficiency

Catchword recently developed the new name and identity for Catalyx, a new company formed when Crest Solutions, Xyntek, VistaLink, and Panacea—four global leaders in automation and process optimization—joined forces. This new brand reflects decades of experience in optimizing complex workflows for life-sciences organizations and companies in other highly regulated industries.
“Our new name embodies our expertise in the science of operational processes. A play on the word, ‘catalyst,’ a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction, Catalyx represents our dedication to leveraging our speed and capabilities to maximize our customers’ operational performance,” said Pieter Krynauw, CEO of Catalyx.


a mark

MAKING a mark

LSAC promotes diversity, and justice, with LawReady

At Catchword, we distill our clients’ unique stories into brands that meaningfully make a difference, change industries, and impact the world.

In our recent work for the Law School Admission Council (administrator of the LSAT), Catchword named a bold new initiative that provides diverse undergraduates a holistic pathway to success in law school and beyond. By helping to remove the barriers faced by first-generation students and students of color, this initiative will advance the legal profession, and justice, in the US. LawReady instantly expresses the program’s benefit to students in an approachable, transparent style, reinforcing that the program is opening the law to everyone.

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