With close to two decades of experience creating names—for over 500 clients—Catchword is a recognized leader in the field. Our value proposition is, simply put: the best names, delivered by the most experienced and responsive professionals.

What Sets Catchword Apart?

A Process That Works, Consistently
Naming isn’t for the faint of heart. Start with the fact that it’s personal and subjective. Throw in a ludicrous trademark and domain-name landscape. Add in a few linguistic hurdles. Oh and while we’re at it, sprinkle in multiple decision-makers. What you have is a set-up for disaster or, more likely, least-common-denominator creativity. Enter Catchword’s naming process, which we’ve been honing for almost two decades. How do we elicit the best naming feedback from clients? Who should be involved and when? How do we optimize a client budget for preliminary searches? Which countries are truly essential for linguistics screening? Whatever your issue, we’ve seen it before (probably a few hundred times) and have got you covered with a proven process.

Our Passion for Naming
We’re not the dabbling kind. We believe our success is the result of a singular focus on brand name development. Dedicate yourself to something and you can be the best at it, right? And lucky for us, we love what we do. From briefing to final name selection, we’re fascinated and inspired by the process of naming things. Our backgrounds in brand management, advertising, marketing, linguistics, law, and media are diverse (and pretty darned interesting) but have led us to the same passion for naming.

Quantitative Creativity
The challenge isn’t creating a few good names; it’s creating so many that there are still great options standing after legal, linguistics, and domain screening get in the way (and they will). Our secret weapon is Quantitative Creativity—developing a staggering array of memorable, on-message candidates. In a typical project, we create more than 2000 names and screen hundreds for preliminary availability. Call it overkill or OCD, but we think of it as standard operating procedure.

Breadth of Portfolio and Clientele
Our clients include titans like Intel, McDonald’s, Starbucks, Allstate, Johnson & Johnson, and Wells Fargo as well as startups, mid-sized companies, and nonprofits. Like our clients, our name styles and tonalities span the spectrum—from descriptive to abstract, playful to professional. We’d never be so diva as to say we only use real words for our names, or that we’d never deign to use the letter H. We are creatively agnostic—which actually means we’re more creative, not less. Our work is finely tuned to suit your business objectives, company culture, personal preferences, and legal and global realities. Take a look at our portfolio and clients and see for yourself.

How to Work with a Naming Company

Latest Name Review

If you are what you eat, then everyone is surely part Mondelez. Mondelez is a food conglomerate that owns many notables, from Chips Ahoy to Philadelphia Cream Cheese to Triscuits and Wheat Thins.

Yes, that’s right. The two most polar opposites on the cracker spectrum, Triscuits and Wheat Thins, are actually siblings. And now you can add another cracker to the Mondelez cracker family: Véa.


from www.mondelezinternational.com/newsroom/our-stories/vea 3/8/17


This is what Véa is all about, straight from the horse’s mouth:

Designed to drive growth in the savory cracker segment, Véa is a key pillar of our goal to be the global leader in well-being snacks…With a name symbolizing the brand’s purpose of “savoring the journey,” we developed Véa for the on-the-go, well-being-focused millennial consumer – open to discovery, adventure and authenticity.”

And does Véa deliver the goods? Crunch yeah. With a vague romance language tone to it, Véa both links to Mondelez, and to the ideas of discovery, adventure, and authenticity. (After all, don’t European sounding names sound more authentic and more adventurous? Compare, say, Frappucino and Coolata.) And, Véa gets one easily to “via,” suggesting an avenue, a journey, and movement, and those that remember their Spanish conjugations “vea” is the third person imperative conjugation of the verb for to look. “Look!” Commands the name.

And as for sound and mouthfeel, the name is light and airy, making the crackers seem healthy as can be. Some might go so far as to say that the V name even brings to mind vegetables! (If they were actually vegetables, they would be the ultimate double agents. But they aren’t. So I guess that makes them triple agents?)

Anyhow, here at Catchword we dig the name Véa. It totally hits the spot.

Grade: A

Véa gets one easily to “via,” suggesting an avenue, a journey, and movement, and those that remember their Spanish conjugations “vea” is the third person imperative conjugation of the verb for to look. “Look!” Commands the name.