About CW

Catchword is a full-service naming agency that’s been in business since 1998. We have offices in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York, and global affiliates and linguistic resources around the world.

Unlike other naming and branding firms, we offer best practices in all aspects of brand naming, including:

  • Creativity—the most thoughtful and prolific creative process in the industry
  • Screening—years of experience performing trademark and domain checks that streamline the vetting process
  • Strategy—highly customized naming architecture, protocol, and related strategy services
  • Linguistic analysis—critical linguistic and cultural insights into name viability, in any language
  • Project management—friendly and authoritative client service

With such strong offerings across the board, we can sidestep the landmines that often sabotage the naming process, while creating names that catch the essence of brands so memorably that they become … well, catchwords.

We suspect that’s why clients keep coming back. Well, that and the salty snacks.