Name Creation

Our creative process is based on an unshakable belief in the merits of quantitative creativity.

Naming Team

Our team brings together expertise in linguistics, advertising, trademark law, psychology, and more.

Catchword Clients

Starbucks, J&J, Fitbit, and Allstate, to name a few. We're privileged to work with many industry titans.

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Every naming firm talks a great game. The proof's in the portfolio. Check out our breadth of styles.

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Name, Set, Match

Sure, we come up with cool names for products and companies — it's our core capability, and the service that's made us famous. But several related offerings allow us to help big companies with big branding needs:


Before we knock your socks off with totally unexpected names, let's talk strategy. By which we mean naming architecture, protocol and audits.


Our one-word names will leave you breathless, so you'll need an oxygen mask when you see what we do with seven.


Whether it's trademark, domain, linguistic, or cultural screening — we've got you covered. We'll help you secure an available name, and avoid pissing people off.