Naming Process

It’s about breadth, ingenuity, and sheer volume (usually 2000+ names per project!). Our creative process is our naming company’s secret sauce. Shhh.

Naming Team

Great minds don’t all think alike. Our team goes at branding from more angles than a geodesic dome — from linguistics to advertising, psychology to trademark law.

Catchword Clients

McDonald’s, Corning, Wells Fargo, J&J, Cisco, Allstate... You get the idea. We’re privileged to have had so many industry leaders as long-standing clients.

Naming Portfolio

Every naming firm talks a great game. The proof’s in the product. If you really want to know what we can do, check out our portfolio of brand names.

Just Shop, No Sweat! Name Review of Amazon Dash

by Alex Kelley

Dash—the newest tech from Amazon—is a wand for restocking your home’s essentials, anything from fruit to bread, batteries to paper towels. First, scan the   packaging of whatever you need with the Dash’s barcode reader or dictate  your wishlist of sundries … More »

Sticking with a Theme: Amazon Fire TV Product Name Review

by Leena Mehta

I love watching TV.  This has carried over to my laptop where I stream some of my favorite shows: MadMen, The Good Wife, House of Cards, Downton Abbey, Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, Homeland, The Americans, and Hart of Dixie (although I … More »

When Longer is Better: Using Phrases in Brand Naming

by Beth Gerber

When product or company naming, I can’t tell you how many times a client will ask us for a brand name that’s as short as possible. One or two syllables. Six letters or less. Whatever. And while occasionally there are … More »

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