Naming Process

It’s about breadth, ingenuity, and sheer volume (usually 2000+ names per project!). Our creative process is our naming company’s secret sauce. Shhh.

Naming Team

Great minds don’t all think alike. Our team goes at branding from more angles than a geodesic dome — from linguistics to advertising, psychology to trademark law.

Catchword Clients

McDonald’s, Corning, Wells Fargo, J&J, Cisco, Allstate... You get the idea. We’re privileged to have had so many industry leaders as long-standing clients.

Naming Portfolio

Every naming firm talks a great game. The proof’s in the product. If you really want to know what we can do, check out our portfolio of brand names.

PopNamer: Pop Your Way To The Top

by Alex Kelley

As you may know, here at Catchword we run a weekly online naming game called PopNamer.  PopNamer is where we ask you, the world, to flex your creative muscles by naming or renaming a product, company or concept in the … More »

Guest Post at DuetsBlog: Sugarpova — does it taste as weird as it sounds?

by Laurel Sutton

This blog post originally appeared at the DuetsBlog. Wimbledon is winding down and fifth-seeded Maria Sharapova has been eliminated from the competition, dashing her hopes for a combined 10th anniversary and second Wimbledon championship. But Sharapova, despite her long career as … More »

Acronym or Ack!-ronym? The MUFG Name Review

by Beth Gerber

As a naming specialist, I’m not a big fan of acronym brand names. Or initialisms either, for that matter. (For the record, an acronym is a word formed from the initial letter or letters of a series of words and … More »

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