Naming Process

It’s about breadth, ingenuity, and sheer volume (usually 2000+ names per project!). Our creative process is our naming company’s secret sauce. Shhh.

Naming Team

Great minds don’t all think alike. Our team goes at branding from more angles than a geodesic dome — from linguistics to advertising, psychology to trademark law.

Catchword Clients

McDonald’s, Corning, Wells Fargo, J&J, Cisco, Allstate... You get the idea. We’re privileged to have had so many industry leaders as long-standing clients.

Naming Portfolio

Every naming firm talks a great game. The proof’s in the product. If you really want to know what we can do, check out our portfolio of brand names.

A Cuckoo in the Nest: Lyric Thermostat Name Review

by Leena Mehta

In 2011, Honeywell, the world’s largest thermostat manufacturer, was blindsided by the Nest Learning Thermostat created by a couple of Apple alums.  Although Honeywell had multiple programmable thermostats in its portfolio, none had Nest’s learning capability.  It was a truly … More »

Attention: This Is Your PopNamer Captain Speaking

by Alex Kelley

Howdy friends, just wanted to give a quick PopNamer update. (For the uninitiated, PopNamer is where we ask you to dub the un-named whatchamacallits of the world, or offer alternatives when an existing name underperforms.) The current game has been … More »

A Bolt From The Blue: Name Review Of Facebook’s Bolt

by Alex Kelley

The word is out that Facebook (via its adopted child Instagram) is getting into the ephemeral messaging game. You may remember their attempted foray into the space before, when Facebook unsuccessfully tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion.  Now it … More »

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