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“The Catchword team members that I have worked with are truly experts in the field of naming and have a passion for linguistics, naming, and marketing that is evidenced by every interaction I have with them. While they are extremely creative, they are grounded in reality and have a solid understanding of trademark law. They truly love what they do. They are very talented, and I personally have learned a great deal from them during the last several years.”

– Corporate Marketing & Branding Director, CorningFIVE-STARS

“Their team is awesome. I have such peace of mind in working with them. We’re really impressed with the conceptual flexibility in their naming. They’re able to create great descriptive names, as well as names that are more coined and earnable, and to come at the process with a combination of creativity and strategy. I wish I could have somebody at Catchword on call at all times.”

– Brand Director, Professional Services NetworkFIVE-STARS

“Unlike some other consultancies we’ve worked with in the past, Catchword seems to be highly respected and liked by all our internal collaborators across our various divisions. Everyone is very happy with the work. They seem to be able to scale with great ease from tactical to strategic projects.”

– Brand Manager, PlantronicsFIVE-STARS

“Catchword also has the ability to ask the correct questions to pull out the information necessary to assist with architecture planning. They did not shy away from examining thorny issues and asking the tough questions – as an objective third party, they were able to provide a voice and perspective that just isn’t possible from within the organization.”

– Marketing Director, BlackBerryFIVE-STARS

“Catchword excels at being organized and communicative, which kept the work on track. What stands out the most about them is their care for customers, making sure they are pleased with the results. They went the extra mile to make sure we were comfortable with the process and confident in the name we chose. The did a great job all around.”

– Founder, SkwibbFIVE-STARS

“Catchword delivered. Their team did an outstanding job of quickly learning our business, understanding our unique needs and challenges, and developing a list of names that hit the mark. Most importantly, Catchword did an outstanding job of leading our team through the naming process, and helping us to navigate through different opinions to arrive at a successful consensus.”

– Vice President, Healthcare FirmFIVE-STARS

“Catchword delivered high-quality naming recommendations that merged our strategic and creative objectives and allowed us to stay on track with the launch of our new company and family of products.”

– Chief Experience Officer, Group One Thousand OneFIVE-STARS

“The patience and respect they had towards us was the most impressive part of working with Catchword. They valued our business. We felt appreciated and heard. That’s how they succeeded in meeting our business needs.”

– Chief Strategy Officer, EnhancvFIVE-STARS

“I would highly recommend Catchword to any company needing brand name development services of either a strategic or creative nature. Their process is the ideal combination of smart naming strategy and tremendous creativity. And, their unique approach to name ideation (which they call “Quantitative Creativity”) leads to literally thousands of name options, from which they present you with only the most outstanding names from their generation.”

– President, Prudent PedalFIVE-STARS

“The results were great. They took us through a discovery process and offered a range of really great names with the underlying rationale for the alternatives. They were very easy to work with and really understood our vision and value proposition.”

– President & CEO, FEEDbackFarmFIVE-STARS

“Catchword was extremely accommodating, developing a customized process to address our constrained timeline. They were extremely responsive, a pleasure to work with, and clearly dedicated to the success of our project.”

– Director, CPG Meat CompanyFIVE-STARS

“The results were great. They delivered on time and on budget without any hitches. I felt very comfortable with their understanding of what we’re trying to do. They were mature and professional but also very open—I would even say warm. They’re right up there with the best firms.”

– CEO, Environmental StartupFIVE-STARS

“Catchword’s deliverables have drawn promising internal praise, a result of an organized and thorough brainstorming process. The team is supportive of goals and mindful of critical timelines. Future clients can expect timely solutions and a professional engagement.”

– Vice President, Eggland’s BestFIVE-STARS

“From start to finish, Catchword exceeded our expectations. Not only were their name recommendations creative, clever, and compelling, the Catchword team was strategic and smart, both in the business of naming and branding. They’re not just copywriters, they’re seasoned business and branding professionals, and they understand that a company name is not merely a word but a critical business asset.”

– Senior Vice President, SunbirdFIVE-STARS

“Catchword was outstanding – smart, professional, engaging, and with tremendous expertise. Their service to us throughout the process was truly phenomenal.”

– President, Humane Rescue AllianceFIVE-STARS

“They are among the very best business partners we have ever worked with. Catchword is extremely committed to quality, energetic, responsive, thoughtful, original, and diligent.”

– Managing Partner, Blair Hall AdvisorsFIVE-STARS

“While Catchword is a creative agency, their organizational skill is one of their greatest strengths. They’re consistently transparent about scheduling and provide detailed notes after meetings. This clarity of structure helps ensure the project moves at an efficient pace.”

– VP of Client Services, Enlisted DesignFIVE-STARS

“The quality of their work is phenomenal. In particular, I was impressed with how comprehensive it was. They really took the time to get to know the business, and that laid the foundation for a strong successful engagement.”

– President, Human EdgeFIVE-STARS

“The Catchword team is as knowledgeable as they come. They have the ability to stay focused and keep the client focused as well.”

– President, Gordon DessertsFIVE-STARS

“Catchword blew us away. We are so glad that we engaged them to work with us on one of the more extensive rebranding projects we’ve had to date. The team is unbelievably creative and smart. All of the naming options were strategically thought out and had multiple value points.”

– Founder & CEO, SEMGeeksFIVE-STARS

“We are always amazed at the brand names they come up with and the strategic thinking behind them. Every experience with their Oakland or New York office has been a pleasure.”

– Shawn Rosenberger, ThermostatFIVE-STARS

“We were struck by Catchword’s skillful project management and creative expertise. The talented creative team masterfully translated the brand positioning into a range of linguistically vetted names that would appeal to the brand’s international audiences.”

– President, Jeni Rogers ConsultingFIVE-STARS