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Long-time client Intel needed a name for its new line of high-end graphics cards, designed to compete with Nvidia and AMD offerings. The line delivers full-throttle gaming, immersive visuals, powerful multi-tasking and creating, and seamless streaming, as ideal for engineers and artists as for professional gamers.

As a section of a circle, Arc elegantly conveys that these are components while also implying the geometry of design and the comprehensiveness of the solution. Like the trajectory of a project or game, an arc is the frictionless way to what’s next. The word is crisp yet lyrical, a springboard for rich imagery and copywriting.

Intel selected Arc not just for the cards but for its entire set of new graphics solutions (hardware, software, and services). The announcement in 2021 generated huge industry buzz and highlighted another facet to the Arc metaphor: how, through gaming and creating, graphics “connects people across communities and cultures. Every game, gamer, and creator has a story, and every story has an Arc.”

The Arc platform continues to develop. Intel Arc A-Series Graphics for Laptops debuted in 2022, featuring the world’s most advanced technologies—the first to have AV1 encoding support, while supporting all other major codecs, inclusion of AI accelerators on board, Ray tracing cores, vector engines, and Direct X12 Ultimate support—to enable immersive, supercharged gaming and powerful content creation in modern, portable designs.

Intel Arc
Intel Arc
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“Now we’ve arrived at the next big milestone, completing the Intel platform with discrete graphics.”

Roger D. Chandler | Intel VP, General Manager, Graphics & Gaming Products

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