Brands shaping the world for a quarter century

We’re very proud of our work and the clients we’ve partnered with, whether from last month or last millennium. Welcome to our full portfolio!


Adobe AIR

Adobe’s game-changing software platform, which sits atop any operating system and functions seamlessly and invisibly


Naming an innovative cybersecurity company that uses predictive AI to prevent advanced email threats


Brand positioning, name audit, and visual identity for the world’s leading drone technology company

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Naming the leading business productivity company and its platform for integrating a variety of work-related applications


Renamed Quadratec, which makes software for managing and archiving data


Software firm and its cloud-based suite, which helps marketers build brand awareness

Blue Vista

Blue Vista is an environmental company and platform that provides tools for people to help build clean communities


Renamed provider of network storage systems

Canon Maxify

Canon’s ground-breaking line of high-speed, Wi-Fi–enabled inkjet business printers for small offices


Swedish specialist in developing websites and managing e-commerce for large and small businesses


Naming strategy and development for a global leader in networking

Cisco Finesse

Cisco's browser-based customer service desktop: a customizable command center for agents and supervisors

Cisco HealthPresence

Cisco’s tech that enables healthcare specialists to evaluate patients remotely through HD video and medical devices


Microsoft's web-based lead-management platform that automates lead creation, maintenance, and follow-up


Cloud-based healthcare data solution provider focused on optimizing value based patient care

CoActive Technologies

Leading global manufacturer of interface technologies for automotive, telecom, mobile communications, and other markets


Specialist in barcoding and POS asset management solutions, as well as chip & PIN payment equipment


Renamed PhishMe to reflect expertise far beyond phishing to full-scale collective defense solutions that stay ahead of breaches


Renamed NIIT Technologies, an India-based international leader in financial services, insurance, travel, and transportation

Collectives on Stack Overflow

Online content grouping for tech companies seeking to deepen interactions with their users


Suite of cloud-based mobile business solutions that manage core aspects of customer relations and sales


Naming architecture and protocol for Corning’s portfolio of hundreds of products

Corning Astra Glass

Precisely engineered glass substrate for high-performance displays that produces brighter, faster, and more lifelike images.

Corning AutoGrade Glass

Lightweight yet tough line of glass solutions specifically designed for automotive displays

Corning ClearCurve

Corning’s ultra-flexible fiber-optic technology, which bends and curves around tight spaces

Corning Concore Glass

Corning’s new type of ion-exchanged glass, which integrates cover glass and sensor plate functions

Corning Everon

Optical communications solution family that provides customers tools, education, and collaboration opportunities

Corning Evolv

Hardened connectivity solution family that offers the smallest terminals for FTTx networks

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Corning Fibrance

Naming Corning's revolutionary light-diffusing fiber technology that bends without loss of color or light

Corning Guardiant

Antimicrobial particles for protecting industrial applications such as paint from bacteria

Corning Lotus Glass

Corning's exceptionally stable and pure display glass for hand-held devices

Corning Valor Glass

Corning's revolutionary glass packaging for drug storage and delivery

Corning Willow Glass

Corning's advanced, flexible screen to be used in making bendable mobile devices like smartphones and smart watches.


Renamed eProject to reflect its new focus on customizable tools that enable companies to stay agile in the marketplace


Mobile and cloud technology provider for the business travel industry that leverages user preferences and behavior to generate a personalized experience


Full rebrand, including brand strategy, name, and visual identity design for a venture-backed transportation fintech company


Verifone's suite of of interactive, commerce-enabling payment devices

F-Secure Radar

F-Secure’s turnkey solution for assessing vulnerability and scanning and managing internal and external threats

F-Secure Threatshield

F-Secure’s security solution prevents and detects attacks early, with built-in network sandboxing technology to protect email and web traffic

Feedback Farm

Farm that uses insects and novel methods of bioconversion to create sustainable agricultural ecosystems