Name like you’re the “Amazon” of your industry

By Mark Skoultchi

September 3, 2016

When naming a product it’s oftentimes acceptable and even desirable to key the name on a single feature or customer benefit. For example, a software product that mines customer data and provides insights about purchase habits might appropriately be called “PurchaseIntent” or “InHabit” (to suggest insights and habits). However, you are not a single product. You are a company, and your “features” and the benefits you provide to your customers are broad in scope, and may change considerably over the years.

In general, it’s a good idea to think more expansively about your company name, and avoid pigeonholing yourself with a name that may tie in well to your flagship product or service and your current business focus, but risks becoming restrictive as your portfolio grows and diversifies and your business interests evolve. In addition to Amazon, which is a great metaphor for an expansive portfolio of product offerings that doesn’t limit the direction in which the company can go, here are few recent examples of great company naming from Catchword’s portfolio:

(read the case study)

(read the case study)

Clover Health
(read the case study)

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