Respire: Not Quite a Breath of Fresh Air

By Maria Cypher

May 3, 2011

Hyatt is offering a very helpful and appealing new type of room, designed for allergy sufferers: “Respire by Hyatt — Hypo-Allergenic Rooms.”

Having just accompanied my 13-year-old through six months of weekly allergy shots, I love the idea and think Hyatt will attract plenty of new guests. It’s a distinctive offering that sends the message of caring about the customer and responding to unserved needs. Also, the rooms sound very, very clean — and if you’ve ever watched an episode of CSI, you know how hard it is to look at a hotel bedspread these days.

But I’m having trouble getting past the name. Respire. Too much like expire. “The poor dear respired because of breathing difficulties.” Or: “They tried to respire her, but to no avail.”

For this one, I think a slightly coined name like Respira or Espira would’ve helped. Or a prefix that doesn’t connote the need to restart respiration — Wellspire, Bonspire, TruSpire, Onspire, Vitaspire, that sort of thing.

Best of luck to Hyatt, though. I’m hoping this offering sticks around!

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