PopNamer: Pop Your Way To The Top

By Alex Kelley

July 16, 2014

As you may know, here at Catchword we run a weekly online naming game called PopNamer.  PopNamer is where we ask you, the world, to flex your creative muscles by naming or renaming a product, company or concept in the news.

Previous games have included anything from renaming Amazon’s proposed drone delivery service, naming Cat Cafés (where you can go enjoy a purrcolated cup of joe surrounded by feline friends), naming the next generation, or renaming the Vibrant Vibrating Capsule.

Last week, we ran a game about Doggy Retirement Homes, and the top vote-getters included:

Heal, from Beantown Bobby
Safe & Hound, from BlueLagoon
A.A.R.F., from Mcee
Homeward Bound, from Lollygaggle

So if you think you have what it takes, this week’s game involves naming a new airplane seat patented by Airbus that resembles a bicycle seat and really packs in the passengers.  So far, suggestions include “SaddleSoar” and “Sardine Air.” Can you do better than that?  Of course, bragging rights can and should be claimed for being the top vote-getter!

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