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Leena Mehta

April 12, 2011

Recently on Twitter, someone started a meme called #TechieHeroes. They were calling for people to make up a fictional character with geeky superpowers. I think my cousin has techie superpowers and he’s real – but that’s beside the point. Some of the #TechieHeroes tweets were pretty clever and more than a few made me laugh. […]

Laurel Sutton

July 3, 2008

This is old product naming news, but I forgot to blog about it until just now. At the end of last year, Chrysler (formerly DaimlerChrysler, formerly Chrysler Corporation) showed off a new concept car, the Dodge Avenger Tuner – Stormtrooper (shown at left, all white and shiny and spiffy). Scott Anderson, designer of the car, […]