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Beth Gerber

August 1, 2013

Given our culture’s ambivalence towards female sexuality, creating brand names for menstrual products poses a conundrum for U.S. marketers, provoking either squeamishness or bravado. Witness some of their names, which either attempt to sanitize their prosaic offerings (StayfreeDry Max, RepHresh Brilliant), romanticize them  (Diva Cup, Luna Pads, Tampax Radiant), or even lionize them (Moxie, Party […]

Mark Skoultchi

May 4, 2011

Sometimes I may laugh or shake my head at a brand name that misses the mark, but it’s rare that a brand name actually gets my goat. Then the other day I ran across Honeys and Heroes in San Francisco. It’s a clothing boutique for girls (honeys, in case you’ve missed their drift) and boys […]

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