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Laurel Sutton

June 5, 2009

Believe it or not, some of us still read newspapers. And so I am able to tell you that on its front page, the SF Chronicle featured an editorial piece about “renaming” of neighborhoods in San Francisco: In their wisdom, the members of the San Francisco Association of Realtors have felt called upon to change […]

Mark Skoultchi

October 26, 2005

The city of Atlanta is giving itself a name refresh. They’re new moniker: ATL. It all started with rap artist Outkast singing about “cruising in the A-T-L” in one of his songs. The Brand Atlanta Committee decided that with the pop culture reference and the airport designator also being ATL, it made perfect sense to […]

Burt Alper

January 24, 2005

“My drag queen name, for the record,” said Professor Ronald C. Butters of Duke University, speaking between academic paper presentations in a beige room on the second floor of the Oakland Marriott, “is Coco Butters.” Name Games: The semantics of sexuality, by Reyhan Hamanci, San Francisco Chronicle, Jan. 23, 2005 A great article about the […]

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