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Burt Alper

July 17, 2008

Yesterday I met a kitten named Billy who is on a strict raw food diet at the advice of his animal communicator/chiropractor. Animal communicator?! A growing demographic of people include their pets as full-fledged members of the family and have the means to treat their pets like human children. (As Americans we name them like […]

Mark Skoultchi

March 6, 2008

There are times in product naming when delicacy has no place. Or is a lost cause at best. When you’re dealing with pet turds, for instance. At least, so decided the makers of the joyfully graphic DooDoo Voodoo, an earth-friendly pet odor and stain remover. I salute their gumption (while holding my nose); in this […]

Burt Alper

February 29, 2008

A friend of mine told me about a new fortified water for dogs. The name? “Fortifido”. Duh. Leaving behind the fact that someone actually took the time to create, and then brand, this stuff, I have to say I think the name is great. Distinctive, but relevant and fun. And I bet the .com domain […]

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