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Alex Kelley

July 6, 2015

Let the trashcans go hungry! Spoiler Alert connects restaurants and grocers who have surplus food with non-profits that can use it. If the extra food is still edible, it goes to soup kitchens, pantries, and the like; if it has gone bad, it goes to compost makers or gets turned into animal feed. Either way, […]

Burt Alper

August 16, 2007

Did anyone else catch Stuart Elliott’s piece in yesterday’s NYT on TIAA-CREF promoting their .org status as a differentiator? I guess now that saying “.com” is assumed, those people with something else to say might as well try to capture the moment. We naming consultants were not so impressed. They overlooked the fact that .org […]

Laurel Sutton

June 7, 2007

In this podcast of SocialĀ  Innovation Conversations, Tom Tierney of the Bridgespan Group explores the findings of the Bridgespan study about the leadership deficit situation that prevails in the US nonprofit sector. Tom comments that the two causes of concern wherefrom emanates the dearth of leadership are succession problems and turnover. Nonprofit outfits’ executive directors […]