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Mark Skoultchi

August 12, 2013

Several people have asked me, “Hey, have you read that novel with Eunice Park as one of the main characters?” And yes, while it’s strange to see my name in a post-apocalyptic satire, my name is kind of common – if you happen to be a Korean-American female. A quick Facebook search turns up at least […]

Mark Skoultchi

April 15, 2013

No matter how loved or loathed they are, we like to give nicknames to our political leaders. Sometimes they’re compliments, often they’re insults. By doing so, we humanize them; we try to put our own spin on these larger-than-life personalities. The recently-departed Margaret Thatcher’s strong style of governance gave rise to many nicknames, including  “The […]

Mark Skoultchi

August 19, 2010

With all the hubbub in the naming industry about the Chevy nickname, I felt it was time for a fresh perspective. So here’s Ben 10 sharing his wealth of knowledge from 10 alien species on the topic of names and nicknames.