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Beth Gerber

November 16, 2010

Remember when Sarah Palin “made up” the word refudiate? Remember how she then claimed her right to do so because, like Shakespeare, she was making celebratory use of a living language? Well, now she might not be so wrong to liken herself to the Bard. This week The New Oxford American Dictionary (NOAD) bestowed upon […]

Mark Skoultchi

July 21, 2010

Word freaks, namers (i.e., word freaks who get paid for their freakishness), and anyone else looking for an etymological chuckle or aha: check out yesterday’s KQED interview of Phil Cousineau, author of the newly published book Wordcatcher. There’s a new word coined every 90 minutes, according to Cousineau, and he discusses the origins of some […]

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