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Mark Skoultchi

September 12, 2011

I’m a fan of Ben & Jerry’s, both their ice cream and their naming. Clever tributes to music greats (e.g., Cherry Garcia and Phish Food), loser spouses (i.e., Chubby Hubby), and off-beat, if annoyingly self-aware indie films (i.e., Neapolitan Dynamite) have earned the company a reputation for irreverent, provocative and exciting naming. And fortunately for […]

Mark Skoultchi

December 4, 2009

Laurel and I love the XKCD web comic. Today their comic seems eerily appropriate given that we launched our Brand Name Owner’s Manual earlier this week. Enjoy.

Mark Skoultchi

August 1, 2008

Yet another embarrassing article on baby naming fiascos. (If you don’t want to read the article, here’s the gist: dad (Mr. Jones) names new baby “Dow” while mom is sleeping after giving birth. Previous child, Indiana, thinks it will all work out fine.) I’ll at least give these folks credit for spunk. Still a mound […]

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