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Alex Kelley

October 12, 2017

Jet, the aspiring giant online retailer trying to swipe a slice of Amazon’s (organic) Whole Foods pie has just launched a slightly upscale house brand for food and other household essentials. They’re calling it Uniquely J. spokeswoman Meredith Klein told the New York Post, “Uniquely J is yet another way is innovating for the metro millennial. […]

Mark Skoultchi

February 18, 2014

A dish by any other name may taste as good (or bad), but when it comes to getting people to actually buy it and eat it—well that’s where expert product naming comes in. And in the realm of food naming, frequently the less descriptive and more opaque, the better. Through sleight-of-hand product naming, savvy marketers […]

Mark Skoultchi

March 13, 2013

The recent scandal over horse meat found in fast food hamburgers and IKEA meatballs made us wonder. Maybe it’s time to rebrand horse meat. Maybe with a new name the meat could be enjoyed openly, and there wouldn’t be so much incentive to trick consumers by trying to pass it off as beef. It’s not […]

Mark Skoultchi

November 10, 2010

In the scorched earth, ever changing and fiendishly competitive landscape known as the fast food industry, since 1957 there has stood a legend, a giant, and an icon. Throughout this time, its appearance has consistently signaled another plunge into the mysterious and intoxicating world of eleven herbs and spices. Or maybe that mom has thrown […]

Laurel Sutton

November 3, 2010

This item was originally published on October 30th, 2010 at Fast Company. It should be the most popular state government program: credit for groceries, so you can feed your family when times are tough. Unfortunately, there’s a huge social stigma attached to the program, and especially the name food stamps. This, of course, is due […]

Mark Skoultchi

April 30, 2010

You know how people often go to the store to buy good old-fashioned dairy milk, and then buy this stuff called “soy milk” figuring it’s the same thing? Milk is milk, right? Yeah, I’d never heard of that happening either. But that’s exactly what the National Milk Producer’s Federation is alleging in their new campaign. […]

Mark Skoultchi

April 14, 2010

We couldn’t help ourselves: The KFC Double Down was just such a wacky sandwich and product name that we had to try our hand at renaming it. What would you have named the Double Down? Here are a bunch of our other, catchy names. Can you do better? Chickadon’t (from Chickadee) Chicken Out Chicky Clear! […]

Mark Skoultchi

April 8, 2010

Have you seen Burger King’s new commercial? The one where they blatantly admit to copying McDonalds? Here, watch: I almost didn’t believe that this was a real Burger King commercial. I thought maybe McDonald’s was lampooning BK. But no, it really is a Burger King commercial. What’s amazing is that this ad depicts their royal […]

Mark Skoultchi

August 19, 2008

This is the way the founders of Café Gratitude (a SF Bay area restaurant which offers raw, vegan, organic fare) might hope your interaction with the server goes: Server: How are you feeling today? You: I am Sensational and Beautiful! What could happen: Server: We’re all out of Sensational, could I offer you Dazzling instead? […]

Mark Skoultchi

August 13, 2008

I am happily addicted to caffeine – until I skip my normal morning dose. There follows an inevitable sluggishness and an afternoon headache. As this is immediately cured by a cup of coffee I haven’t seen much reason in the last few years to quit. Scientific findings oscillate between praise for coffee’s health benefits and […]

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