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Mark Skoultchi

February 16, 2012

From Midnight in Paris to White Diamonds, the fragrance industry’s brand names have always reeked of fantasy, with promises spun out of thin air. And the fantasies are usually carefully orchestrated by gender. Just compare brand names like Chantilly, L’Air du Temps, Happy, Someday, Joy, White Linen, Beautiful, Amazing Grace, and French Vanilla with, say, […]

Burt Alper

December 18, 2008

Hasn’t this happened to everyone? You’re walking down the street at lunch time and you suddenly smell meaty, oniony, charcoal-broily FOOD which causes you to go insane and order the Number Three at Burger King, with the extra large onion rings. We’ve all been there. There’s a Burger King on the corner by Catchword’s office […]

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