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Leena Mehta

August 16, 2012

So, we’re sitting on the runway for a Southwest flight to Idaho (friend’s wedding in Sun Valley), and I’m flipping through anything I can find in the seat back pocket in front of me. Why not bring my own reading materials? Oh, I did. It’s just that my book is on my Nook, and ALL […]

Laurel Sutton

July 23, 2008

We here at Catchword Global Headquarters are big fans of caffeine – we never got that diet Coke dispenser installed, but we do have an espresso machine onsite. Via Craigslist, we bought a high-end Nespresso machine for the low low price of $20! Since we have to buy their proprietary coffee capsules, we get hit […]

Laurel Sutton

July 27, 2007

I just saw this linked from a friend’s LiveJournal – an online coffee purveyor called Les Beans. What a great company name! It’s a woman-owned company that sells organic and Fair Trade coffee – and they varieties also have fun names, like Salvador Dolly, Costa Rita, and Mocha Lisa. They also donate 10% of their […]

Laurel Sutton

May 30, 2007

There’s a great article in USA Today about Ripple, one of our recent clients. The article is fantastic and we just love the name!

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