Sunbird DCIM Solutions
Naming a leader in data center management software

When Raritan decided to spin off its Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software business, the company’s executive team and Catchword agreed that the name should steer clear of the ubiquitous “edgy tech” sound of its competitors and instead convey approachable confidence. The name should tell customers they’ve found a partner, not just a software company.

Sunbird, a brightly colored variety of songbird, is friendly and warm, yet fits comfortably in the tech space. Because it evokes clear, vivid imagery, 
it is easy to remember and a great springboard for visual identity. The implication of a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view reinforces that Sunbird’s solutions provide remarkable vision into data center workings.

Sunbird launched mid-2015 with more than 850 enterprise customers, including seven of the ten largest tech companies in the world.

Client: Sunbird