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Erin Milnes

October 30, 2018

Nissan has introduced an affordable new crossover utility vehicle (that means somewhere between an SUV and a hatchback/wagon): the Kicks. The subcompact will be sold globally, replacing the Juke in the U.S. Overall, reviews so far have been pretty good, particularly on the value-to-price metric. But will the name drive traffic? I say it’s green lights […]

Alex Kelley

June 26, 2018

Names with the form “____ and _____” have become ubiquitous. The form isn’t new — Ben & Jerry’s, Johnson & Johnson, and Abercrombie & Fitch have been around for years — but recently it seems like this type of name is everywhere, especially in certain industries like food and beverage and apparel. In the apparel […]

Erin Milnes

May 9, 2018

This week marks Catchword’s 20th anniversary. Woot! woot! To celebrate, we’ve created a splashy anniversary page to tell the Catchword story, pay tribute to all the wonderful clients that have worked with us over the years (and kept our halogens on), and recall key milestones, favorite names, and other naming successes, such as Serving 500+ […]

Alex Kelley and Erin Milnes

March 15, 2018

A lot of people have trouble sleeping. Some count sheep. Others get medical marijuana cards. A new option? Som. Som is a berry-flavored drink that includes vitamins, minerals, and melatonin (a hormone) to help you relax and support healthy sleep patterns.   The company’s marketing team has done a good job leveraging the simple English […]

Erin Milnes

February 6, 2018

Keysight, leading provider of electronic product design, test, and optimization solutions (and long-time Catchword client), has launched PathWave, the first design and test platform that accelerates workflow by connecting every step in the product development path. PathWave is a scalable, AI-based predictive software platform that combines software, instrument control, and application-specific test software in an […]

Erin Milnes

December 21, 2017

We love our clients. We love the names we create for our clients. But, sadly, not everyone is our client … yet. So as the year draws to a close, we look at naming trends and some of the most compelling brand names of 2017 that Catchword didn’t create. (Check out Portfolio Highlights to see […]

Erin Milnes

November 15, 2017

In honor of World Nursery Rhyme Week (a UK event celebrating the importance of nursery rhymes for early learning), we spotlight these company and product names that were inspired by our favorite characters from childhood. Simple Simon’s Pizza, an Oklahoma franchise     Humpty Dumpty Snack Foods, chips and more from Maine since 1947   Old […]

Erin Milnes

August 29, 2017

Long-time Catchword client and audio pioneer Plantronics has unveiled an innovative solution to the chaos of the open office: Habitat Soundscaping. Using nature-inspired audio and visuals, coupled with responsive software, Habitat transforms dysfunctional offices into peaceful spaces where people can focus and collaborate. The Catchword team worked closely with the company to develop the name for the […]

Erin Milnes

August 23, 2017

With two decades in the name game behind her, co-founder of Catchword, Maria Cypher, has christened countless products … She takes us through the process of finding the perfect name for yours.

Alex Kelley

August 3, 2017

Nothing like prospect of a recipe change to get brand loyalists all hot and bothered. Coke has rebranded Coke Zero to Coke Zero Sugar, promising that Coca Cola Zero Sugar will have an “even better unique blend of flavors” … and riled up they got. At first glance, the change can be a head scratcher. […]