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Erin Milnes

November 4, 2016

Onomastics is the branch of linguistics that deals with names. (Yes, “onomastics” — slip that one into your next cocktail party conversation!) But the influence of names in the political arena has an effect far beyond that of linguistic observation. Studies of elections in California, North Dakota, Ohio, and other states have shown definitively that the order […]

Erin Milnes

September 27, 2016

Catchword’s own Laurel Sutton has been tapped to serve on the first-ever Verbal Identity jury for the prestigious London International Awards (LIA) to begin next week in Las Vegas. She will be the first full-time professional namer at LIA. LIA invites “the most talented, recognized, and awarded individuals from within their respective fields” to serve […]

Alex Kelley

September 20, 2016

TechCrunch Disrupt SF’s annual Startup Battlefield was last week, where 30 startups competed for 50 thousand bones. Here at Catchword, we like to keep up with the shiniest tech innovation trends. But we pay even more attention to the new company names! (occupational hazard) When I read about disruptive and innovative companies and services, I ask myself […]

Erin Milnes

September 1, 2016

We are very proud to report that our very own Maria Cypher, founding partner of Catchword and Just The Word, has been profiled by NamesCon as part of their Women in Domaining series. Learn more about our fearless leader and what makes her tick, from most surprising fact to greatest influence. Women in Domaining Profile: Maria […]

Erin Milnes

August 30, 2016

As you no doubt have noticed by now, Catchword’s got some new digs on the old interwebs. After a thorough redesign process, we are very proud to roll out the shinier, prettier, more powerful model! We believe the new site is the best in the company, product, and services naming biz and want to make sure […]

Erin Milnes

August 24, 2016

The XXXIst Summer Olympics may have concluded Sunday, but the International Olympic Committee’s aggressive protection of the Olympics® trademark continues unabated. Like the NFL with the Super Bowl® (that is, “the Big Game”) and the NCAA with March Madness® (AKA “Hoops Hysteria”), the IOC and its U.S. affiliate, the USOC, is ferocious in defending its […]

Erin Milnes

August 4, 2016

Last time in our survey of chatbot names from MobileBeat 2016, we talked about several noteworthy bot-less entrants. Today we’ll review a few of the bot-iful, including the surprise winner of the first-ever International Botathon. Botender: This San Francisco company’s offering also received runner up honorable mention in the Botathon. It seeks to end the frustration of diners […]

Erin Milnes

July 25, 2016

Bots—the cyber assistants we’ll all be using soon to make travel plans, shop, place orders at restaurants, and even answer messages, at least according to Silicon Valley pundits. VentureBeat founder Matt Marshall stated there are now more than 10,000 chatbots on Facebook. Look out, Siri. It’s not just search and calendar management anymore. This year’s […]

Erin Milnes

July 6, 2016

Vrse, a virtual reality film startup, has raised a bunch of money and changed its name to Within, said company founder and music video producer Chris Milk. “People reading our name often don’t know how to say it, and people who do know how to say it often don’t know how to spell it when […]

Erin Milnes

June 30, 2016

Over the years, Catchword has had the pleasure of partnering with Corning to name innovative products such as ClearCurve (flexible fiber-optic technology), Concore (ion-exchanged glass), Lotus (exceptionally stable and pure display glass), Willow (thin, flexible glass for ultra-slim displays), and Fibrance (highly flexible, optical fiber for use in decorative lighting applications). Today we are proud to announce the newest addition […]