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Alex Kelley

October 26, 2016

Hello everyone – writing this blog post from deep in the annals of film history. Check out this catalogue of company and product names from movies and TV shows! I learned a lot about the movie industry on this website – for example, some of the most popular pages are for brand names or company […]

Eden Cypher

August 11, 2016

This past weekend, Golden Gate Park hosted a plethora of bands, assorted local food vendors and tens of thousands of people for the annual festival, Outside Lands. The genres of bands vary from alternative rock, electronic, folk, pop, and more to appeal to both Bay Area locals and people from around the world. The names […]

Erin Milnes

July 28, 2016

In honor of Comic-Con, which just finished in San Diego, we’ve assembled some of the best, worst, and weirdest superhero and villain names. There are so many evocative and memorable monikers–Batman, Black Widow, General Zod, Mystique, Ozymandias–I could never choose a winner. Though these are less well known (for obvious reasons), there are dozens of […]

Erin Milnes

June 20, 2016

Who knew the Tolkein lexicon was the secret go-to for Big Pharma?

Erin Milnes

April 12, 2016

You might have heard that tax time is a’comin. And for some reason, even though taxes are as inevitable as, well, you know, and even though it’s been the same date—April 15—since 1955, nearly a third of filers wait until the last two weeks to do the deed. What’s up. Procrastination Nation? A few years ago, we […]

Alex Kelley

February 11, 2016

Hello friends and lovers. Tis the season where drugstores become candy shoppes, dating websites rake it in, and reservations for two are harder to come by than they were on Noah’s Ark. In light of that, I thought I’d share this article I have always been fond of–a compilation of terms of endearment from around the world. […]

Alex Kelley

January 27, 2016

Here at Catchword, it part of our DNA (not to mention part of our JOB) to decipher naming trends. And as app naming and game naming is something we are often are asked to do, I thought I’d shed some light on a fully-fledged trend: mobile game apps that take the form noun + verb […]

Jed Rendleman

January 22, 2016

This post originally appeared on Wordnik on November 5, 2015 We here at Wordnik love talking to professional namers about the naming process. So we were delighted to have the chance to chat with Mark Skoultchi, a partner at Catchword, a full-service naming company founded in 1998. Mark spoke with us about Catchword’s naming process, […]

Alex Kelley

January 14, 2016

Companies get bought and sold, folded in and spun off all the time. It’s a matter of business, of profits and losses and an ever shifting constellation of competitors and jockeying for position—this is how our system works. NO NEED TO BE SENTIMENTAL ABOUT IT…RIGHT? I just saw that Lenovo purchased Motorola Mobility. The Lenovo […]

Jed Rendleman

January 6, 2016

Every year, thousands flock to Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show to catch a glimpse of some of the most exciting technology on the horizon. From cute robots to fridges that can read your email, innovation always abounds, but no matter how great the tech, a great name is never a guarantee. Join me […]