5 rebranding examples to inspire your brand

By Visual Objects Analysts

December 10, 2020

Company rebranding takes a lot of work, but what brand elements do consumers notice the most? We surveyed 501 people in the U.S. about rebrands from popular companies to understand which brand elements are the most important in a rebrand. …

Laurel Sutton, senior strategist and linguist at Catchword, a top branding and naming agency, believes that most successful rebrands occur when companies rebrand to names that customers already use.

“Rebranding efforts succeed when the new brand is already in use by consumers,” Sutton said. “People already referred to Kentucky Fried Chicken as KFC when the company made the change. Nobody ever called Weight Watchers ‘W-W’ and no one uses that now. It’s too clunky and too many syllables.” …

As with Weight Watchers’ shift to WW, Dunkin’ is part of a history of brands shortening their brand names.

“The progression from longer to shorter company names is fairly common,” said Erin Milnes, creative director at Catchword. “Because of expanded offerings, cultural shifts, change of vision or ownership, and established brand recognition, it often makes sense to shift to something ‘slimmer.’” …

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