In Print: Catchword Named 2 of Toyo’s Tires

By Laurel Sutton

December 17, 2009

While browsing through a recent issue of Consumer Reports, I just happened to see this listing of tires. See those two names there? Extensa and Versado? We created both of them for Toyo! I thought it was cool that they were right next to each other in the list.

So that’s really all I wanted to blog about. Yeah. Isn’t it also cool that both the tires get good ratings? I mean, they’re at numbers 8 and 9! That’s really good! You know, Toyo offered to send us a Versado tire but I told them there wasn’t room in our display case. You know what else? Toyo tires make great Christmas gifts, so buy a bunch for everyone on your list. And tell Toyo I gave you that idea.

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