Driving Better Brains: Posit Science & Allstate Program For Safety

By Laurel Sutton

June 8, 2009

We love our clients, and we love to see them get good press. Today’s SF Chronicle ran an article that featured both Allstate (for whom we named Your Choice Auto and many of its features) and Posit Science (we did that name too). Posit makes really cool and effective software for keeping brains active in older folks, and the pairup with Allstate is a no-brainer (excuse the pun). Check it out!

Earlier this year, a car ran a red light at an intersection in Pittsburgh and narrowly missed smashing into the driver’s side of W. Larocca’s car.

Larocca, 57, was able to stop in time. He believes what saved him was the 40 minutes a day he spent using brain fitness software that supposedly improves reaction time and peripheral vision.

The program was part of an experiment run by Allstate Insurance and Posit Science, a San Francisco software startup.
Yay Posit! Yay Allstate!

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