Corning ClearCurve in Time magazine!

By Laurel Sutton

November 6, 2007

We were so thrilled to see a product bearing our newly-created name – Corning’s ClearCurve fiber optic cable – named one of the best inventions of the year at Time magazine!

Fiber-optic cable has to lie fairly straight to carry a strong signal, so it’s difficult and expensive to install in apartment buildings. Corning’s ClearCurve works out this kink by adding a protective rail around the skinny glass core, so you can bend, twist and turn the lines in and out of tight corners without degrading the connection. The innovation has Verizon and other telecoms—ever eager to expand their data services to new addresses—jumping for joy.

We loved working on this new product name, in conjunction with the fine folks at Doremus. The technology is exciting and the potential for this unique product is unlimited. Finding a distinctive way to describe the properties of this fiber optic cable in a consumer-friendly way was a challenge, but we were delighted with the final result. We’ve been there and we got the t-shirt too!

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