Put off Your Taxes with a PopNamer.com Name Game

By Mark Skoultchi

April 8, 2013

You might have heard that tax time is a’comin. And for some reason, even though it’s been the same date—April 15—since 1955, almost a third of filers wait until the last two weeks to do their deed.

What’s up, Procrastination Nation? Why don’t you put off the inevitable some more and come up with names for this annual rite of dilly-dallying? You can do that by visiting our site, PopNamer.com. Vote for new name ideas or submit some of your very own.

Below are names other visitors have thought up:

  • Taxhaust
  • Taxes Deferred
  • F11H (Filing at the 11th Hour)
  • American Tradition
  • Tax Evasion
  • Tax & Slack
  • Protaxination
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