It’s not just me, right?

By Laurel Sutton

September 30, 2008

As a member of the American Name Society, I get to enjoy all the name-related news on the email list. Today, someone called our attention to a website called Roger & Randy – it’s about business travel, done by two guys named (wait for it) Roger Collis and Randy Petersen. Full of great information. Easy to read. Great content. But the name…

I’m American, and even I can’t look at that name without saying “Too…many…jokes…”. For those of you who are British-impaired, let me explain: “randy” means “sexually excited”, and “roger” means…well, I don’t think I can say it out loud, as this is a family blog. But let us just say that one leads to the other.

I browsed around the site to see if R & R are aware of this secondary meaning, but I couldn’t find anything incriminating. Maybe they know and they just sigh and ignore it. Hey, they can’t help what they were named! But to all you web entrepreneurs out there: a little linguistic analysis goes a long way.

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