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Bluetooth – More than a codename

By Mark Skoultchi

November 5, 2007

At a recent client meeting, Burt and I learned that Bluetooth wasn’t just an abstract brand name. It turns out that the Bluetooth brand name has a story to tell.

According to Wikipedia, the source of all things good and true, Harald Bluetooth was a tenth century King of Denmark whose legacy includes uniting (if briefly) Denmark, Norway, and Sweden under a single king. An apropos brand name for a technology that wirelessly unites computers, phones, peripherals, and other technologies.

Also, the Bluetooth symbol is a merger of the Nordic runes for the analogous Latin letters H and B. What a great example of choosing a company name that so perfectly lends itself to clever visual design!

As naming specialists, we often recommend new product names that seem abstract on the surface, but in fact have a relevant relationship to the product. The great thing about Bluetooth is that it’s such a distinctive brand name it doesn’t require the backstory to make it memorable.

I’ve always liked the name Bluetooth, but knowing that strategic naming considerations played a factor in the brand name creation process has given me a whole new level of respect for the brand. I’m also impressed that the Bluetooth folks developed this vivid brand name themselves.

Name Grade: B+

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