Annoying Workplace Clichés

By Burt Alper

January 11, 2006

As seen in CIO magazine: The Most Annoying Workplace Clichés

We hear these phrases all the time. They used to have meaning, but now they’re shorthand for “I read some books about business that I got from Amazon. I am one of the business people.”

As professional word people, we’d just like to say: Please stop. If you’d use regular English, we’d all be so much happier!

As identified by the Accountemps survey of 150 senior executives

1. At the end of the day
2. Solution
3. Thinking outside the box
4. Synergy
5. Paradigm
6. Metrics
7. Take it offline
8. Redeployed people
9. Core Competency
10. Win-win
11. Value-added
12. Get on the same page
13. Customer-centric
14. Generation X
15. Alignment

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