Catchword shortlisted for Transform Award with Attain by Aetna

By Catchword

September 23, 2019

Attain, the name Catchword developed for health insurance giant Aetna for its first-of-its-kind health app, has been shortlisted by the esteemed Transform Awards North America.

Attain by Aetna℠, which the company designed in collaboration with Apple, is a highly personalized watch-based app that helps Aetna members stay healthy and achieve their wellness ambitions through straightforward, daily prompts.

It combines a member’s health history with their Apple Watch® activity to provide custom goals, achievable actions, and big rewards—like a new Apple Watch or gift cards from popular retailers. The app helps coordinate every aspect of your health, from activity, nutrition and sleep tracking and recommendations to managing medical appointments, healthcare costs, and more.

The name Attain, bold and slightly tech-y in tone, instantly expresses the empowerment and satisfaction of achieving your health goals through daily activity.

Attain’s brevity and simplicity suggest that working toward better health can be a straightforward process, available to anyone. And the name’s alliteration with Aetna (and Apple, coincidentally) helps make it more memorable and fun to say as well as offering a graphical symmetry between the company and product.

The name’s brevity also ensures that it will appear in full in app stores and on small screens and be easily understood by customers with limited English.

Attain by Aetna was announced in January 2019 and became available in the Apple App Store in early May, with about 300,000 downloads during the initial rollout.

Transform, the global magazine for rebranding and brand development, honors and rewards the most innovative, creative, and successful brand work across the world each year. The awards recognize best practice in corporate, product, and global brand development work, with categories that focus on strategy, execution, content, and evaluation.

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