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Teeter totter or sparkling water? Recess name review

Alex Kelley

May 22, 2019

The name says to millennials: we get your aesthetic, we get your impulses and needs, and we’re creating a product that is both sincere and ridiculous, nostalgic and contemporary, which allows you to drink it ironically or earnestly or anywhere in between.

Attending INTA next week? Drop by the Catchword booth for a chance to win!

Erin Milnes

May 8, 2019

Say hi to the Catchword team at the International Trademark Association Annual Meeting, booth number 345, and enter our raffle or daily Naming Contest.

Catchword wins Hermes Gold for Soluna

Erin Milnes

May 2, 2019

The Gold Award was presented to Catchword for its development of Soluna for the world’s first sustainably powered blockchain company.

Gaming the system: Stadia name review

Alex Kelley

April 24, 2019

Although the name is welcoming and friendly, it also has an epic-ness to it as you can’t ignore the size and scale of Stadia’s literal meaning.

GoMotion goes live with a new name from Catchword

Erin Milnes

April 18, 2019

GoMotion, SportsEngine’s all-in-one platform for sport studio owners and instructors, has rebranded with a new look and a new name from Catchword. Formerly called SE  Studio, GoMotion makes it easy to manage activity classes, registration, payments, website, and more. “We are excited to announce the rebrand of SE Studio to GoMotion,” said Tom Fristoe, Vice […]

Pi Charging expands its brand with a new name from Catchword: Spansive

Erin Milnes

April 11, 2019

CEO and cofounder John MacDonald explained in a post on Medium that the new name, born from the word expansive, means “growth, expansion, and action” and reflects the company’s growing team and expanding business and vision.

How to use “negative” brand names to good effect – How Brands Are Built guest post

Erin Milnes

April 10, 2019

This week, Catchword’s own Mark Skoultchi explores how a word’s negative baggage can actually help a brand name carry more weight with its target audience.

Baby naming, influencer culture, and personal branding: Catchword co-founder Laurel Sutton on Baby Names Podcast

Erin Milnes

March 14, 2019

Catchword co-founder Laurel Sutton recently spoke with about celebrity names (baby and otherwise), personal brands, and other namely things on its podcast.

Pardon my French: Name review of Bonvoy

Alex Kelley

March 5, 2019

Even people who like to contrive pronunciation issues, like your friend who insists on ordering a “kwa-sánt” at Starbucks, won’t be able to mess up Bonvoy.