Name Reviews

Catchword name reviews

What makes a name good, bad, or meh? As naming experts, we’re highly attuned to the blunders and bullseyes all around us, and naturally we have some strong opinions.



Logi is a pithy punch in a world where minimalism and usability are synonymous with quality. ...Read More

Spoiler Alert


Most brilliantly, the name also implies through its humor that Spoiler Alert is extremely attentive to the user experience. ...Read More



To some it may sound happy, suggesting Jolly, active like Ollie or Alley-Oop, or playful like the schoolyard cry “Olly Olly Oxen Free.” ...Read More

Tribute Portfolio


I think there were more interesting ways to suggest partnership, admiration, and authenticity, but I’m open to the idea of a brand name that purposefully flies under the radar, letting a more interesting brand take center stage. ...Read More



DewShine is a clumsy portmanteau; however, that’s just the point. It’s purposely unpretentious and rough around the edges. ...Read More

Virtual Reality Name Review Roundup

In these names you can see each company balance their brand personality while leveraging this momentous opportunity to attract customers who weren’t previously patrons of their brand. ...Read More



No more mollycoddling and second chances by social networks that just let you throw [an anagram of This.] against a wall to see what sticks! ...Read More

Hyatt Centric


Centric is a name whose tonality doesn’t align with the experience of the product, which is very important in crafting a successful brand. ...Read More



It’s slight lack of originality fits with Pepsi’s image as an everyday, friendly, and unpretentious brand. ...Read More