To Infinity, But Not Beyond: Drinkfinity Name Review

We all know the saying about leading horses to water. Well in this day and age, though beverage makers have given up on the horse market, the human market is hotly contested, and, if you’ll excuse the expression, highly saturated....
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True Life: Pepsi True and Coke Life Name Review

As soon as you hear the ukulele, you know the glockenspiel is coming. Young, flannel-clad friends carry knapsacks through a sun-drenched meadow. We soon find them drinking soda from green cans in an impromptu tent beneath shady trees. Animated boutiquey...
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More Like a Seven: Dr. Pepper Ten Name Review

Earlier this month, the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group introduced Dr. Pepper Ten, a version of its iconic soda targeted entirely at men, who apparently do not find normal diet soda sufficiently manly.  The ten is a reference to the number...
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Pepsi: What You See Is What You Get

I spotted this on Tumblr today and thought it was an interesting and funny brand interpretation.
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Soy Milk Comes from Soy Cows?: A.K.A. The Dairy Industry Jumps the Shark

You know how people often go to the store to buy good old-fashioned dairy milk, and then buy this stuff called "soy milk" figuring it's the same thing? Milk is milk, right? Yeah, I'd never heard of that happening either....
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Pepsi Throwback: Vomitive Sub-brand Naming

Pepsi and Mountain Dew have launched sub-brands made with real sugar. Pretty cool idea, if you ask me. I would choose real sugar over high fructose corn syrup any day. (Well, I'd choose Splenda, then sugar, then corn syrup, in...
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Beer and Speedballs: More Energy Drink Naming

Once upon a time there was an energy drink named Cocaine. Highly caffeinated, it was pulled in 2007 by its maker, Redux Beverages, due to an FDA ruling that Redux was "illegally marketing their drink as an alternative to street...

Stampede Beer and Ms. Simpson

Stampede (great product name!) is a home grown vitamin-enhanced beer out of Dallas, Texas. So it's no surprise that Jessica Simpson is their newest spokesperson - and an investor, too. She now owns 15% of the company that was founded...
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Eska soaks it up

Catchword recently named a new bottled water from Canada (Eska). Like most of our names, this brand has an interesting tie to the key differentiator of the product: namely that the water is filtered by an esker into super-pure drinking...
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Reading tea leaves

Tea for what ails you. Tea to help you fall in love (no promises here, at least not in that potential-lawsuit false advertising way). Tea for relaxing in the evening and getting wired in the morning. Tea that makes you...
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