Pump the brakes! Audi e-tron name review

from www.audi.com
Audi has had a few electric versions of their existing models for a while, using the descriptor "e-tron" to designate electronic (e.g., the Audi A3 e-tron). But now, they are gearing up to offer an all new, all-electric SUV that is simply...
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I Can’t Get With That: Renaming the Kia Soul

This item was originally published on July 30th, 2010 at Fast Company. I love those Kia hamsters. The first commercial showed a trio of hammies tooling around in their Kia Soul while the rest of the world ran in stationary...
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Volvo Naming by XKCD

Laurel and I love the XKCD web comic. Today their comic seems eerily appropriate given that we launched our Brand Name Owner's Manual earlier this week. Enjoy.
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No “Naming While Intoxicated”: Web Version of Catchword Brand Name Owner’s Manual Goes Live

Wahey! Our totally cool, fun, informative, and cheeky Brand Name Owner's Manual has gone live on the web at long last. It's got a ton of advice on naming and an extensive breakdown of car name themes We're so excited,...
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It’s Not Easy Naming Green: Volt Color Naming Contest

Courtesy of the Autopia section of Wired comes news of a new contest: After developing and marketing what promises to be the world’s first mass-produced extended-range EV, the folks at GM are too tired to come up with names for...
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More Than One Way to Skin a Cat: Segway’s PUMA Tries Too Hard

I'm sure by now most of you have seen the announcement of the new product from Segway and GM, the PUMA. The naming consultant in me is of two minds. On the one hand, I love the name. It's short,...

Avenger + Stormtrooper = Aggressive much?

This is old product naming news, but I forgot to blog about it until just now. At the end of last year, Chrysler (formerly DaimlerChrysler, formerly Chrysler Corporation) showed off a new concept car, the Dodge Avenger Tuner - Stormtrooper...
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Electric Car Wars: Honda Clarity vs. Chevy Volt

It's no wonder that with soaring gas prices, car companies are rolling out their gas alternative car models. The two that I've seen get a lot of press coverage recenlty are the Honda FCX Clarity and the Chevy Volt. The...
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Global Naming Party

Ford recently announced that it is relaunching the Fiesta as a worldwide brand (see article). I love this naming strategy, but it doesn't always work. Ford's justification is two-fold: the name already has some existing equity (albeit, not all positive)...
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I came across a great brand today while reading engadget. The company is ZAP and they build electric cars. I think their name is brilliant. Zap conveys the electric aspect of their cars wonderfully. The logo then reemphasizes this message...
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