Strategic Services

Good names arise out of a deep, strategic understanding of a brand. When Catchword develops a new name, we typically begin by reviewing the positioning, and refining it if needed. We also analyze the competitive naming landscape and opportunities for differentiation.

Then there are other kinds of strategic guidance. Our two primary offerings are naming architecture and naming protocol. For instance, you might need a clearer naming architecture for your portfolio, so it’s easier for customers to find the products they want, and easier for you to add new ones.  Or maybe you’d benefit from having a naming protocol in place (for the naming of product families, co-branded products, line extensions, project code names, whatever), so you’re not reinventing the wheel each time you’re faced with a naming challenge.

We also offer a variety of other strategic naming services, including:

  • assessing whether you even need a name for your new product!
  • identifying opportunities for brand consolidation
  • recommending a naming style (descriptive, proprietary, alphanumeric, etc.)
  • evaluating the viability of names developed in-house
  • determining linguistic and cultural implications for taking a brand global
  • maximizing internal buy-in and external interest in your name launch

Whether you’re wondering if your company even needs a new name or trying to organize a complex house of brands … give us a call. We’ll call it as we see it.