Catchword Naming and Branding CapabilitiesCapabilities

You might think that all it takes to successfully name a product or company is creative talent and strategic smarts. You’d be wrong.

Yes, the ability to come up with engaging names (and lots of them) is key. But you also need to be able to figure out which names are likely to be legally and linguistically kosher and strategically apt for different, and often global, audiences. And you need a hands-on method for guiding stakeholders through a selection process that’s easily sabotaged by muddled or conflicting agendas and unchecked subjectivity. One weak link in this chain of competencies, and a mediocre name—or one that’s heartbreakingly unavailable—is usually the result.

At Catchword, there are no weak links. We’ve spent almost 15 years making sure of it. From our proprietary creative tools and seasoned talent to our industry-leading linguistic and cultural name research and analysis, we specialize in every aspect of brand name development. And that includes preliminary trademark screening, domain negotiations and procurement, and a level of high-touch client support and guidance that most people reserve for their blood relatives.

You name it, we name it. We do company naming (and renaming); product naming; service naming; umbrella, master and sub-brand naming
; feature naming, and ingredient and line-extension naming. We do not, however, name children. Except our own. We also offer services that complement brand name development, such as naming architecture (including naming protocols), internal and competitive name audits, positioning workshops, name validation research, tagline development, visual identity, name story development, and our ever-popular cupcake module which, come to think of it, doesn’t really have anything to do with naming.