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Here at Catchword, we get a lot of inquiries from business owners of all types with one thing in common: they need a name. Whether it’s a name for their startup or their stethoscope, those in need of names are … More »

“They had learned nothing and forgotten nothing,” said the French Bishop Talleyrand of the House of Bourbon in 1824. Talleyrand’s pithy maxim may just sum up Millenials, those born in the 80s and 90s who came of age during the … More »

Perhaps the world’s most ambitious, harebrained, unthinkable, just-so-crazy-it-might-explode rebrand ever is occurring right now in Russia. The Avtomat Kalashnikova in its various forms, most notably the AK-47, will soon be known as the Kalashnikov Concern. That’s right—the Kalashnikov Company would … More »

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