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Here at Catchword, part of the onboarding process is to take the Namer’s Oath, swearing to only use our naming powers for the forces of good. While we’re proud to report we’ve had a 100% naming-for-good retention rate, not everyone … More »

I’m going to give you 10 original company names and the date these companies were founded. How many do you recognize? Answers below, no peeking! 1) Electric Suction Sweeper Company (1908) 2) Precision Optical Industry Co. Ltd (1934) 3) PC’s … More »

Gone are the simple days. The days when pa would drive us in the Packard down to the druggist, throw us a nickel for the soda jerk. But while we no longer live in the 50’s, nostalgia never dies, even … More »

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