Naming Approach

We’re not offended when someone refers to us as perfectionists. We’re even okay with occasionally being labeled OCD. Given the hurdles involved in name development—legal and domain availability, subjective preferences, multiple messages, not to mention creating an engaging and memorable name—more is usually more. So we consistently over-deliver.

Our approach is multidimensional and highly collaborative. For instance, our proprietary series of right-brain exercises elicit brand insights from clients on a deeper level than they might ordinarily access. (We promise it doesn’t hurt a bit.) This not only makes for richer, more targeted creative, but also helps ensure our naming solutions have solid internal buy-in.

As for the creative process itself, for most naming projects we create thousands of names and end up screening hundreds. And we use “lightning strike” creative relays and a library of proprietary tools to fire up our creative engines.

After preliminarily screening potential names for legal and domain concerns, we contextualize promising candidates so clients can better gauge their emotional and strategic potential. And throughout our process, we stay in responsive contact with clients, providing the kind of friendly yet authoritative guidance so crucial to name evaluation and selection. In fact, for most of our clients, we’re able to take an often angst-ridden process and turn it into something fun.

Call it overkill or perfectionism, but we just think of it as standard operating procedure.